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Endless Grief

Birgunj ,15 Magh /
The proximity of my calmness is beyond the sea
Silent whispers like waves to penetrate my heart
Storm of love came and hit by chaotic thoughts
Chasing after my little home for you
Now I am alone like the night sky
The shattered pieces looked out for peace
I failed to numb my feelings
Even stars accused me for the disaster
The moon brings the eclipse to the full moon
The sun hide itself into clouds
So they don’t have to face me
I accompanied myself with tears
To beg and surrender
The nature doesn’t knew about the house
My memories of blue and yellow
All emerged into white flames
Leaving no trace of any frame
Frames of you and me
A single tree of hope fell in the autumn
A soul elevated from my body
Now the air whistles and crushing the leaves
Leaving me in nowhere
God sent his angels to console me
In the fight of pure and evil
Evil was dead and good was silent
I dig up the grave to bury myself
The cold sand turned warm
Closing my eyes and prayer for another storm
I waited, I waited.

/The storm never came/



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